Qualities of Cumin exported by GTSC:

  1. Imp. 0.5 % ( ASTA Quality ).
  2. Imp. 1 %.
  3. Imp. 3 %.
  4. Ground Cumin.

Packing Types:

  1. New jute bags 25, 50, 55 kg.
  2. New PP bags 20, 25 kg.
  3. New Super Sacks 500 kg.
Category: .

Product Description

Syrian cumin is one of the best in the world in terms of the size of the seeds, oil content, strong aroma, green color. On top of that, the chemical and physical test meets the EU regulation in terms of pesticide and allergy test.

The semi dry weather in Syria helps such aromatic seeds to produce high quality seeds, in the meantime the cheap labor helps this product to be competitive once the weather condition becomes appropriate at the time of harvest.

GTSC gets their raw material from farmers and local traders – cleaning and packing after making sure that the quality being prepared complies with the contract condition.

It is usually planted in many Syrian areas during the month of January and it is harvested in May.

Cumin seed is exported from Syria to many countries. There is huge demand for the Syrian cumin all over the world. It is desired more than other cumin as it has an excellent quality.