Qualities of Chickpeas exported by GTSC:

  1. Kabuli Velveted size 6, 7, 8 mm Imp. 0.5, 1%
  2. Kabuli Spaniola size 7, 8, 9 mm Imp. 0.5, 1%
  3. Icarda Chickpeas size 7 mm Imp. 0.5%
  4. Split Chickpeas Imp. 0.5%

Packing Types:

  1. New jute bags 40, 60 kg
  2. New PP bags 20, 25, 50 kg
Category: .

Product Description

Chickpea is a member of the leguminous family. Chickpea is a spring seeded, annual legume and is the second highest acreage pulse crop grown in the world. There are two commercial types of Chickpeas – Desi and Kabuli, which are divided according to seed size and geographic origin. The Kabuli types have a large seed and are of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern origin. The Desi types have a smaller seed and are of Indian origin.

Syria is one of the major exporters of Kabuli type Chickpeas.

Nutrition: Chickpeas as well as other legumes are high in fiber. Soluble fiber acts as a scrub brush, cleaning the digestive system. This type of fiber also decreases serum glucose and cholesterol and decreases insulin requirements for people with diabetes.