Qualities of Anise exported by GTSC:

  1. Imp. 0.5 % ( ASTA Quality ).
  2. Imp. 1 %.
  3. Imp. 3 %.

Packing Types:

  1. New jute bags 25, 50, 55 kg.
  2. New PP bags 25 kg.
  3. New Super Sacks 500 kg.
Category: .

Product Description

Anise is one of the strongly aromatic and warm medical plants. This spice is related botanically to caraway, cumin, dill and fennel.

These oval seeds are one of the oldest known spices. It has been planted in Syria since a long time ago. It is usually planted in many Syrian regions during January/February and it is harvested in May/June.

Anise is native to the Middle East especially Syria. Furthermore it is exported from Syria to many countries all over the world to obtain the anise oil.

Uses: Anise seeds were taken as a digestive in the old ages, in the form of comfits (seeds coated with sugar). Today, these seeds are chewed to aid digestion and to sweeten the breath.

In Western cuisine, anise is mostly restricted to bread and cakes. Occasionally, breadfruit products are aromatized with anise. And in small dosages, it is sometimes contained in spice mixtures for sausages and stews.