The Process

At GTSC we ensure we deliver the choicest of aromatic seeds and other products to our clients.

  • Step 1 - Our strategy is based on selecting the best raw materials, based on the following key points:
    1. Is it a new crop?
    2. Color of seeds and grains
    3. Size of seeds and grains
    4. Devoid of mammalian secretions
  • Step 2 - Raw materials are provided to the factory for screening and cleaning of impurities, until it reaches a maximum impurity of 1% or 0.5% (depending on the client's request). First, large-size sieve impurities are withdrawn, and then smaller impurities are pulled by gravity separators and cleared of mineral impurities using a magnet.
  • Step 3 - Material is packaged in either jute bags or Alprobolin bags (depending on the client's request) and weighed electronically. Tags are printed and placed. The packaged product is fumigated.
  • Step 4 - Packages are loaded on to clean trucks and transported to the port and placed in new containers.
  • Step 5 - We also provide customers all the necessary documents and certificates of international inspection companies such as SGS inspection company, VERITAS & COTECNA on request.

For almonds we have the following steps

  • Crack almond shells
  • Sifting to remove the core from the kernel
  • Separate by size
  • Dry air to remove dust
  • Shining process (without any chemical addition to lengthen its shelf life)
  • Hand pick deficient almonds
  • Electronic packaging

The GTSC brand is very well known in India for sale of almonds.

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